Ciao a Milano


I'm a 16 year old Japanese-American girl and now live in Milano, Italy. I've been a fan of Consadole ever since they were able to become a J-league team. This is because my father used to live in Sapporo (tanshin de). In Sapporo, I bought Consadole no "With-U Cards" for the subway. I also took a Consadole purikura.. Now that I think about it, these things are really special to me because I no longer live in Japan.

Anyway, back to Kohta.. I know him because he plays for Consadole. He's perdy darn good.. and kakkoii as well! hehe. Therefore, I was really happy that he was chosen to play in the nihon daihyou team..

Because I live abroad, I only wish that I could find out more about Kohta.. But it's a good thing that this HP is around! This way, I can check out this HP even when I move to New York.. (sounandesuyo.. I just moved here last year, at about the same time as Nakata, but now am moving again.. probably some time next month)

Dewa, ora devo andare (now I have to go). But no matter where I am, ouen shitemasu! Please keep up the good work and keep scoring those goals! Remember, "the sky's the limit"...

luv alwayz--->yumi ^_^

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